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    UPDATE: I finally received the case today (4/23/07),. It was shipped from Hong Kong from J.Marshall (e-mail for support was Though I can't jump through hoops for their non-existent customer service, the case only cost $19.99/free shipping. It also came with a free screen protector and free headphones adapter. It is very comfortable to wear, and fits very snug within the case. There is no easy access to the stylus or bottom for charging purposes, so this is not an everyday case if that's what you're looking for. A very good deal on a case for working out. I apologize to all for my rush to criticize, but I thought i wuz robbed!

    I ordered the itzkitz sportsband case over a month ago and paid thru a 3rd party organization called WorldPay, and have never received my product. Every link I have tried to visit to get customer service through is dead. I was kind of surprised to find that TreoCentral continues to advertise their products. Has anyone else had a bad experience with this company? Glad it was only $20.
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    Odd...I've never used them but I have seen them reviewed/advertised elsewhere besides TC...from what website did you purchase their product?
  3. #3 This page has been like this for many months now.
    Had been looking to get new case for 700P having been extremely satisfied with both the case on my 600 and extraordinarly good service ( had broken my belt clip and on looking for price quote from them to replace with an extra was VERY pleasantly surprised to receive a couple of replacements mailed to me a no cost). No idea what has happened over last few months but if you ordered recently I am guessing it was not directly thru them & reflects their out of stock / new info 2007 to follow status reflected on their web page
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    questionfear & confused

    thanks for answering. I ordered from, still not knowing how I got there. My receipt from Worldpay stated:

    Thank you
    Your transaction has been processed on behalf of Itzkitz Limited.

    Transaction details:
    Transaction for the value of: USD 19.99
    Description: Purchase from
    From: Itzkitz Limited
    Authorisation Date/Time: 07/Mar/2007 10:49:49
    Transaction ID: XXXXXXX
    This is not a tax receipt."

    So, whatever led me to "itzkitz limited" was where I made my purchase.
    Thanks again..
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    Weird. I would email a TC mod or admin and see if they have a contact at itzkitz directly. Since the website is down, they might not be aware that someone either impersonated the site or otherwise purported to be itzkitz. As confused pointed out, the site's been off for months, so if it's a scam itzkitz is going to want to know, and if it's not a scam they can give you an ETA.

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