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    Hi everyone, I need some help, I've got a Treo 650 bought in the States under Cingular, then it was unlocked and now I use it in Mexico with Telcel GSM, as far as I know it can also work with Movistar and other companies in here, I'll be moving to Barcelona/Milán/Paris/London this summer (Western Europe) and I'd like to know if there's any sense in carrying the phone with me, I mean, the calendar and all that stuff are very necesary for me but the phone... can I buy a GSM chip and use it of that "unlock" just works for America? Hope you can help me with this one, if you need more info about my Treo let me know so I can post it here for you, thanks in advance!
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    It will work just fine. Many of Europe's EDGE services are faster than the ones in the US. Also it will come in handy when you find yourself on long trips by train. id recommend you load it up with games, language translation software, GPS tracking software with receiver, currency conversion software, metric converter software & Mp3's or your favorite compressed Divx Movie for that 10 plus hour trip. I don’t know your situation but if you have a Small SD card & want all of this you should consider investing in a few 2GB SD cards or a single 4GB or 8GB SD card if you're using the Fat 32 or SDHC hack. Also, be sure you have a backup of your SDcards Palm folder just in case.

    One more thing, If you have an internet connection going now. Take the time out to dial in the mobile Movie, Train and Buss schedules in your browsers favorites for the area you will be in so you don't waist money doing it when you get here. I highly recommend using opera Mini.

    Just so you know, many prepaid SIM cards in Europe give you access to the Internet and all incoming calls are free 4 U.
    Hope you enjoy your trip. The weather in Western Europe is absolutely beautiful at the moment. you must visit Zürich switzerland. it was just ranked the #1 city for living in the world. Its like NYC in the 80's but without the crime, the day and night life is off the hook for people of all ages and the food is, "well", come, and you will taste what I'm talking about.
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    If I have a Sprint phone, could I go to England and change it to Vodafone or something?
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    Sigma: No worries, I have a Cingular branded unlocked 650 and have used it all over Europe. Like most GSM phones it just works once you pop ni any SIM.

    Peter: No. Sprint is a CDMA network, do a search here for more info.

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