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    I need immediate help!

    I just started with a new company and they are all Blackberry hounds. I use (and love) a Treo 700P via Sprint.

    Unless I can find a way for my 700P to access my company email through their Blackberry Enterprise Server- they are going to go-out and buy me a...Blackberry.

    Does ANYONE know of a way for my 700P SPRINT -to access my company email via their Blackberry Enterprise Server. Are there any 3rd Party Solutions I can try? I called Sprint Tech Support and they said there is no-way!!!

    HELP THanks
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    Ask these questions (under the radar)

    - Do we use Exchange 2003, Service Pack 2
    - Do we use Outlook Web Access (OWA)

    If the answer to both of those is yes, then you have a pathway to Treo Happiness. Basically you'll use the latest version of VersaMail to directly access the Exchange server (assuming you're on Exchange) using what's called Exchange ActiveSync - EAS. It's instant push email, over the air sync of calendar and contacts/tasks, and it's secure as well. Your IT folks probably don't know about it, but they will, eventually.

    Get those answered and check back.

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