I have a BT-2010 and it's been working great since I got it (around September of last year).

However, lately, it seems like it hasn't been taking a charge.

When I plug it in to charge it none of the lights come on. When I fiddle with the cord sometimes I can get a light to show but it still won't take a charge.

Could my battery already be a goner? Has anyone seen this issue before?

It's hard to believe I'd have to order a brand new battery after only 7 month and I don't even use it all that much. I'm starting to think it may be the connector for the charger that's causing the problem. I guess I may have to send it back but just wondering if anyone else has seen this and what the solution was. Thanks in advance!!

Edit: If I plug it in and turn it on the GPS receiver still works fine. But even then it seems like it doesn't go on right away. LIke maybe the connection is bad between charger and GPS.