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    Quote Originally Posted by italiangspot View Post
    LoL i like the way u described that , one and one, i hear u on that one... i get so close to throwing phone at window when that happens, i am not even sure they tested these phones prior to releasing them
    Its even more of a thrill while driving...
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    Quote Originally Posted by gregnx View Post
    Been working through my 700p replacement (for a 650) and found that many times my bluetooth headset (scala 500) would have lots of static. I used it with my 650 with no issues. However, on the 700p, I accidentally pressed a key on the dialpad during a call with that problem and found that the static went away instantly! Very clear call at that point. Tried it another time on another call with static and had the same result.

    Seems like I don't have to do this all the time, so maybe it's only needed the first time after a reset....

    Couldn't find any reference to this anywhere else, just thought I'd share that with you folks. If there's another thread on this that someone could point out I'll read some more over there.

    I posted this in June '06 and have been using the above high tech solution ever since. It works every time. POS effin phone!
    Quote Originally Posted by EvilJack View Post
    Anyone else get this? I've used two different headsets with my 700p, and it happens with both. I pick up a call, and there is much (BT) static. I press any keyboard key, and it goes away. Is this just my phone or is this a new "feature"?
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    Quote Originally Posted by italiangspot View Post
    yes, it does work , great fix for the static, my other issue that i still have to do a reset for is that i say dial persons name , it dials then i hear nothing on car speakers (hands free system) but the call is up on my phone
    Yes I get the same problem too.
    When BT has no "mic" voice, I disable it and switch back to phone "mic", but still no "mic", even speakphone mode, still no voice. Have to disconnect the call to get back voice.

    Also the call waiting is not working sometimes. The "Flashed" party has no sound.

    So does the other party hear you pressed a "touch tone key" on them?
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    Quote Originally Posted by AndrewAz View Post
    The static is caused by BT 1.2 screwed with a lot of interference from Wi-Fi routers and cordless phones. Along with palms faulty BT programing.

    Why the heck does a treo 700p use BT 1.2???? It makes no sense.. BT 2.0 has been around since 04..
    Hey - just because the 2.0 standard was out for a couple years before the 700p was released doesn't mean Palm would find it necessary to include it.

    If the business press didn't finally pick up on our howls here, you can bet Palm would still be filling them with the ancient 32MB (16-20MB effective) chips of "RAM" in the Treos, and telling anyone who complained to "stick it." You gotta understand their position though - when people are only paying about $650.00 for a cell phone, one must cut corners SOMEWHERE...

    Just about every problem or massive shortcoming I can think of with Palm's PDAs or Treos can be traced to Palm trying to save a few cents to a few bucks per unit, and/or ignoring the obvious. Examples:

    -Piezo speakers
    -lack of reset holes that fit styluses
    -Screws spontaneously falling out on the Tungsten "T(x)" units
    -Tungsten cell phone had no internal microphone (!)
    -Lifedrive lag time
    -Treo 650 "RAM" < Treo 600 RAM
    -Treo reset hole unreachable w/o massive 2-handing
    -Current PDAs without vibrate feature (!)
    -BT 1.2 instead of BT 2.0 implementation
    -...on and on.

    I've said it before, Palm is destroying itself by aiming to release the cheapest-spec'd devices rather than some of the *best* specs. Apparently their faulty Treo return rates are not making the carriers happy, and us Treo users are constantly dealing with and trying to work around issues with their devices that should have been completely unacceptable to release by any company that gave a darn about their future reputation.

    10 months and counting without any sort of firmware update for all the problems with the 700p, and now the buzz-o-sphere is full of talk about the 755p coming on board and EOL'ing the 700p. And if Palm can get away with it, they will probably shove BT 1.2 into the 755 too... and tell us to 'like it.' After all... if you want a PalmOS "smartphone".... where ya' gonna go?
    Treo 755s in good condition available on ebay for $50-$75. No need to pay for insurance or buy a Pre.
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