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    My Treo 700p keeps resetting almost randomly when launching programs, pushing buttons, etc. It happens 100% of the time I try to open one particular note, but has happened at other times as well.

    What might be the problem?
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    1. A corrupted file
    2. Bad third party software of some kind

    How long have you had it? What software is on in? What did you load recently around the time the problem started? Have you done a hard reset? What do you sync with? Need a lot more information.
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    My wife says to me yesterday, "uhh... your phone is just sitting on the table and it just reset itself." Ugh... sooo frustrated with this thing. I'm so close to switching to a Q!
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    Treo is 4 months old, Verizon. I've got a bunch of 3rd party software on here, but nothing recent. (I put on google maps after the problem started.) I USB sync to a windows laptop. The problem started just a few days ago.

    Could my notes file be corrupt? How would I fix that?
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    Quote Originally Posted by SteveFehr View Post
    ... (I put on google maps after the problem started.)....
    Did you try removing Google Maps to see if it stopped the random resets?
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    Google maps was on my sd card. I was having problems before I installed it, so I don't think it's the cause. I took the card out and it reset again while trying to view that note.

    I'll just avoid that note and see if I stay stable, & try a hard reset when I get back home the end of this week. I have a card backups on this SD card, too, if I have to hard reset before then.
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    I had...and cured my reset problem.
    Here is how...
    • Go to Palm Desktop on your PC and export (file/export) your PIM Data (Calendar, Memos, Tasks and Contacts) to your PC's desktop.
    • Make sure you highlight all your contacts, memos and tasks or you will only be exporting the first entry. Save it to your desktop.
    • Create a New User in Palm Desktop
    • Import your PIM data from your PC's desktop
    • Hard Reset your Treo (700P)
      • Hold down the power (on/off) button on your device.
      • While holding down the power button, turn over your device so that you can see the back of it. Still holding the power button, remove the battery cover and use your stylus, to gently press (don't hold) the RESET hole on the back
      • When the logo appears, release the power button.
      • A message will appear warning that you are about to erase all the data stored on your handheld.
      • Press the UP button to complete the hard reset, erasing everything on your device
      • Your device will then take you through a series of screens to calibrate the digitizer and verify the time and date.

      Note: A hard reset restores settings to the factory default.
    • When you connect the Treo to your PC and it asks you which user you want to Hot Sync with, choose New User.
    • DON'T install any third party applications (except your back up program) for a week and see if the crashes go away.
    • Download new copies of applications from the web.
    • Slowly add in applications, install one every few days or weeks and check for stability.
    • Try to avoid applications that turn on, or off, the Treo (like TreoAlarm which automatically shuts off the phone, or EZReset which does a soft reset with a button press). I can't say for sure that these are toxic (they probably aren't), but why take a chance?
    • Every application has the potential to cause problems (IMHO). Ask yourself a question..."do I really need this application?". If so, install it. If you can live without it, don't install it. Why take chances? There are no awards given for the person whose Treo has the most really cool applications.

    In addition...
    • patient during lags. If your phone is searching for a network the buttons may not respond when you touch them. If you try to press the call button a few times during a lag you will crash your Treo.
    • patient when Blue Tooth Headset is turning on and off. If you try to make a call when the BT headset is connecting to the Treo, you will crash it.

    This is all learned from experience.
    I went from one or two crashes a day to one in the last month and a half.
    Of this at your own risk!
    The logic is there is a corruption that gets saved to your Palm Desktop so a hard reset and hot sync to the existing user will only resurrect the problem.
    Give it a try!
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    Not bad, but c'mon, this is a lot to go through to maintain "as advertised" functionality.
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    Consider yourself 'initiated' into Club 700P. You (and your Treo) have passed the inital test.

    Yer pal,


    A bigger Treo fan than I'll admit.
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    Before you do all that, open Palm Desktop, go to tools, options, then tools and check for corrupted files. If that doesn't help do a search. I'm not sure you have to go through a complete reinstall to get rid of one corruped file, if that's the cause.
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    Mine reset everyt ime I went to Splash ID or the Sprint On Demand app. A hard reset was needed to correct the problem.
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    Eudora started acting up, too. Because of the problems, I'd just been emailing notes to myself at work, and had no data to lose, so I justs did a zero reset when I got back. The hard reset & hotsync fixed it Thanks, guys!
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    Glad you are up and running again! To avoid this in the future, here are a few things to look for to root-cause the resets.

    - Third party apps: which apps do you have installed? If you list them here other users may provide feedback on how reliable they are with the 700p. The fine print is that not all Palm OS apps play nice with the 700p, so before installing anything check the forums to see if the software works or not.

    - Did you upgrade from a 600 or 650 Treo? It is a widely known issue among users who did this that certain legacy stuff (databases, call log, etc.) do not transition well when upgrading to a 700p.

    - How good is reception in your area? More than once if you are in a low coverage area, the phone will give priority to connecting to the network and any app that requires radio handling (i.e. Versamail fetching emails) will create problems. The technical nature of this issues I cannot explain, but I have experienced them rather frequently since my apartment has spotty coverage at times.

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    Quote Originally Posted by msgott View Post
    My wife says to me yesterday, "uhh... your phone is just sitting on the table and it just reset itself." Ugh... sooo frustrated with this thing. I'm so close to switching to a Q!
    Sounds like it could be a fun experiment

    Quote Originally Posted by KJ78 View Post
    Cell-phone lemon law sought by legislator

    By Monique Garcia
    Tribune staff reporter
    Published April 23, 2007

    SPRINGFIELD -- The first time her new Motorola Q phone went on the fritz, she thought it was a fluke. When her phone had to be replaced a second time, she got frustrated.

    When it malfunctioned a third time, Rep. Susana Mendoza was fed up.

    "I thought something had to be done about this. Then I thought: Wait, I can do something about this," said Mendoza, a Chicago Democrat who is sponsoring legislation to create a cell-phone lemon law.

    The proposal would allow the state's 8.5 million wireless customers to cancel their contracts without paying early termination fees if a phone must be replaced or repaired at least three times within a contract period.

    Consumers would also have the option to upgrade or downgrade phones without extending their service agreements, and companies would have to provide customers with a written statement informing them of their rights. Damage caused by consumers would not be covered.

    Mendoza's bill is pending before the full House.

    No other state has such a law on the books, according to the National Conference of State Legislatures, though Tennessee is considering a similar lemon law. Other states have proposed legislation targeting poor service and dropped calls.

    Consumer advocates say the measure would hold wireless companies more accountable and discourage manufacturers from rushing to put out new products that might be faulty.

    "The more flexibility and choices, the better for consumers, and competition," said Brian Imus, director of the Illinois Public Interest Research Group.

    Industry representatives say the move would unfairly hold wireless providers responsible for manufacturing issues, make Illinois more difficult for companies to operate in, infringe on federal regulations and give customers the ability to break contracts without warrant.

    "This provides a road map for customers to get out of their contracts if all they do is complain aggressively enough," said Mike McDermott, executive director of state public policy for Verizon. "Why not let cable subscribers cancel their contracts if they have bad reception three times in a row? It's a treacherous path."

    Because wireless companies heavily discount phones for service subscribers, allowing customers an "easy way out" of their contracts would cause costs to go up and "put Illinois at the bottom of the heap for new products and services," McDermott said.

    "There are too many unintended consequences," said Rep. Sandra Pihos (R-Glen Ellyn), who voted against the bill last month in the Consumer Protection Committee. "If you can cancel a contract based on this, I don't know how they will provide stable prices for their customers at the end of the day."

    Motorola spokesman Chuck Kaiser said there have been no major problems with the Q phone and that the device, like many others, comes with a one-year warranty separate from the service agreement. Wireless providers already offer replacement programs for defective merchandise, and there is no need for lawmakers to come between a warranty agreement between consumers and manufacturers, he said.

    "Customers already have adequate remedies," Kaiser wrote in an e-mail.

    Others worry that the measure would leave room for states to create a patchwork of regulations that would infringe on an industry regulated by the federal government.

    "Wireless is a national industry, set up to be purposely responsive to market pressures and consumer demands," said Joe Farren, spokesman for CTIA-The Wireless Association, an international organization dedicated to expanding wireless service. "This puts at risk the national framework that has been so beneficial to consumers. Illinois would be an island in a national economy."

    But Mendoza said wireless companies shouldn't worry. As long as they keep customers happy and provide a quality product, little about how they operate would change.

    "When they serve a contract for two years, they should be able to keep their side of the bargain," Mendoza said.

    "That means providing a working phone and not having to spend time and money replacing it," she said. "If their service is so great, then they won't lose customers. This is not the end of the wireless industry as we know it."
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    Quote Originally Posted by sxtg View Post
    Sounds like it could be a fun experiment
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    Quote Originally Posted by Christinac130 View Post
    Did you read the quote in my post??? I was being sarcastic
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    No...I was responding to something you said somewhere else...
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    U must b talking about Palm Desktop for PC, no?

    I don't believe there is any way to look for corrupted files on the Mac...for that matter, no Tools menu.

    Anyone have advice re searching 4 corrupted files on Mac side?

    Be well (and uncorrupted), all.

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    Yes, I use a PC and that menu exists on the Palm Desktop....surprised it doesn't exist on the Mac.
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    (don't intend to start an OS war, but...) While many side by side comparisons between Win and Mac usually favor the Mac, Win's Palm Desktop is far superior to Mac's version (IMHO).
    No, I am not an expert, just a user of both.
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