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    Now all my Palm does is start hotsyncing then halfway it comes out of it - interrupted hotsync log message...SEEMS to have zoombacked but now resets spontaneously when going into certain progs like VisualArts, DialbyPhoto and Pocket tunes! I am trying to avovid ahard reset...any suggestions why it would self-abort a hotsync>??
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    Do you have the latest version 2.1.6 of BackupBuddy for Windows? If not, you may need to upgrade.

    You may want to try doing a zoomback to a different backup set if you are having trouble with the set you used. If you still have trouble, you may need to try a hard reset of the device and then do a regular hotsync with no commands listed in BackupBuddy's "commands" tab. A full restore will automatically be performed. Please note if you needed to do a full restore after a hard reset, you should not do a zoomback, but you should do a regular hotsync.

    If you have problems with a restore in general, please see below.
    During a restore after hard reset, the hotsync manager may use the regular backup folders usually located in

    C:Program Files/Palm/username/Backup


    C:Program Files/Palm/username/Backup.bb2

    This is where BackupBuddy stores your handheld's most recent backup files. If you want to stop a restore from happening, you can remove all files from your backup folders and set BackupBuddy conduit to "do nothing" for one sync. If you then hard reset your device and did a hotsync to restore, only the basic conduit data (address/contacts, datebook/calendar etc) from your Palm desktop software would sync and restore to the device.

    If you are having a crash after a restore or during hotsync, one or more of your applications or files is crashing your device and it can be a bit tricky to figure out - you can try holding down the "scroll up" button during the reset after the restore, which may allow you to get past this.

    If you experience a crash, your organizer may tell you the name of the application causing the crash. Or you may see it in the hotsync log just before the restore fails.

    You could try restoring all files except for any trouble files you identified from the log or from watching the restore. To do this, you would hard reset the device and then stop the initial full restore from taking place. To do this, remove all files from the Backup folder and set the BackupBuddy conduit to "do nothing" for one sync. Then after syncing once to restore basic databases, you could launch BackupBuddy desktop and do a selective restore of files to the device. You would open the backup set you wanted to restore and select all files except any files you think may cause a problem. Click on the "restoreDB" button and hotsync. This will restore only the files you selected and may help.

    Blue Nomad Sales & Support Team

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