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    Hi all,

    I'm having trouble keeping a call alive at home. I have no problems with their claim of "fewest dropped calls" when I'm outside the area around my home, but around this area, I have trouble holding a call for more than a minute. The problem ranges from not hearing anything after connecting, to a maximum of 5 minutes, then it cuts off.

    Just for information, I'm on my third device, once exchanged because of this problem, once replaced because of an accident, and now I'm on my 3rd one.. All three of these devices have had this problem, and all Cingular could say is "let me transfer you to warranty exchange"..

    Anyone else experienced this same problem? They did mention they *might* be able to get me a Treo 750 instead, but due to business restrictions, I have to have a Palm OS device, so that's out of the question. I need a solution.. Any help?

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    Just a thought...

    Call Cingular Technical Services from a landline phone. They can force the phone to re-register to the network from their end, and it's all done OTA. This solved an similar issue with my Graphite 680...and also got rid of the dreaded "gibberish" issue. I also switched my SIM to a 64K non-3G card (that has been covered [B]generously[B] in another thread). The combo has worked for me, with almost no dropped calls and no reception/display problems since.
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    I just spoke with someone in their "data" team, and the rep was trying to blame EMI (Electromagnetic Interference). She asked me if I have a wireless network at home, "yes", and she said that could be a problem. She also mentioned if I have computers around that could be a problem, if I have wireless landline phones, or the material my house was made of could also cause interference. I seriously felt like slapping her. Basically what she was telling me is that if their service drops for whatever reason, they can now blame it on EMI, it is the know all end all to all their problems..

    This has got to be some of the funniest $h!+ I've heard in a long time..
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    Sounds like corporate-liploading to me. Once again...I would suggest you call and ask them to do an OTA re-restration of your phone to the network.

    CSR's are primed to say what Cingular wants them to say...sad but true. I have had tons of experience with that...

    Sometimes you have to call 3-4 times to get one that will not BS you and really help you solve a problem.
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    I did ask them to re-register my network, so I'm waiting to try it when i get home.

    I do have a roommate with another cingular device, so I will take his sim card and plug it into mine, if it works perfectly, then I will seriously fire off at cingular.

    I do understand they're programmed to say what Cingular wants them to say, but to come up with ElectroMagnetic Interference? An educated guess would claim that it will happen to all phones in the area, not just mine. I just think she was smoking something seriously good...
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    The 750 is a completely different phone so be aware of that.. The 750 is a Windows Immobile phone, so if you wish to keep a Palm OS phone, don't let them exchange it for the 750.

    As mentioned, I suggest you try a new SIM, or at least have a CSR send a "sim update" to your phone. They should know what that means.
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    They wanted to offer me a Cingular 8525 or something that sounds similar, but I told them I only want a Palm OS device, so that idea flew right out the door..
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    Have you tried going into a Cingular store...they're practically on every corner down here
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    I've seen the same problem at my house, and can be on a phone call with bluetooth, not move the phone, and have it drop the call. I have a tower 200ft from my house and I can watch the signle ping pong from 0 to 5 bars. It's not the Treo. My blackberry, my 650, my 680, an 8525, a nokia 6820, and the kids LG all do the same thing. I'm still blaming it on tower convergence issues since this tower is only about 2 years old.
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    It could be EMI, it could more easily be RFI (radio frequency interference) from a computer, cordless phone, Wifi...many things. It could also be Cingular. Ask the tech reps a question and watch their lips--if the lips don't move, they may still be lying, they're trained to do it!

    Watch the call bars on your phone, or use a util that shows you signal strength. If you have weak signal--that's all it takes to drop calls. Moving the phone to the other side of your head or putting it on speaker can make a huge difference.

    But Cingular also cheats with network programming, they lock out the user menus that allow you to choose high band or low band as the preference on the phone. If one band or the other performs better in your home--you've got no way to select it as the preferred band. Cingular CAN switch the preferred band over the air, if both are available in your area. Ask them to try doing that. That's what my be happening invisibly as part of the "reregister your phone" nonsense.

    The other problem is the "FM capture effect" which affects all cell phone towers. If the tower you are on can accomodate 100 users, and #101 comes along with a stronger signal than you have, you get bumped off the tower and they get picked up instead. An outside antenna, or a bidirectional amplifier ($300-400), can solve that for you.
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    Quote Originally Posted by hellosailor View Post
    Ask the tech reps a question and watch their lips--if the lips don't move, they may still be lying, they're trained to do it!
    I'm interested in how you are so knowledgeable, and so quick to accuse Cingular tech CSR's of being trained liars. I mean, who are you to do that?

    There are probably a limited number or Cingular CSR's that hang on this forum...but lots that do on Howardforums and other sites. I suggest you test your theories on a forum where the people you are accusing of being liars can take up for themselves.
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    Davis, I'm a long-term Cingular customer and I've heard those lies year after year. If you got angry too quickly to notice, I said MAY be lying, not that all of them lie all the time. And yes, I said they may be TRAINED to lie, because it seems that customer phone reps in many companies and industries, including the cell phone industry, seem to make all their mistakes "against" the customer.
    Every time I have renewed a contract, the promised "bonus minutes" didn't appear. Once they lost one of two bundles forever. This time, they just "forgot" that the bonus minutes were part of the standard renewal (for all customers, not just me) and the rep actually giggled when she said "Gee, they forgot to apply your bonus minutes". Forgot? To apply something advertised as standard on the renewal?
    About a year ago David Pogue, a tech columnist with the NYTimes, mentioned a similar experience with his carrier and asked if anyone else had either been the victim of a similar mistake--or gotten the benefit of one. If the mistakes were always against the customer, or 50-50 at random, sometimes in our favor. Inside of an hour he got about 2000 emails--all victimes. Funny thing, if that isn't a sign that the phone reps aren't being trained or ?encouraged?, by intent or omission, to cheat the customers. And, that's not just Cingular.
    Then there have been technical questions, where some of the answers I've received would placate a member of a South Pacific Cargo Cult very nicely--but they just don't fly for anyone who can read a schematic.

    So yes, as the line in the play goes, "Citizen, I Accuse!". I've dealt with some very nice CSRs, and I make a point to compliment them on it (and sometimes to let their management know as well) but the vast majority are a pestilence that belong in "customer Abuse" rather than Customer Service, and when they are simply undereducated and undertrained and given the wrong incntives by their corporate masters--they should be encouraged to find a better line of work.

    They don't RUN the company, they've just been hired and trained to RUN OFF the customers who are bothersome, reading their bills and refusing to pay overcharges.

    Don't think it's so? Sadly, the modern trend in customer abuse as a means of raising short term profits, has also been extensively written up. Keep the rubs on voice-response pushing buttons long enough--and they give up, they have dinner and children and jobs to deal with, so they shut up and pay the bull, even if it is wrong. Some go away, but once they find out there's no better service anywhere else (and there often isn't, or to isn't easy to find), they just stop bothering the call reps, they shut up and pay.

    That's an intentional business policy these days--not just what used to be called poor management. Welcome to the 21st century and the Corporate World, bend over and smile, the grease is optional and will cost you extra.

    If you're a good, sharp, intelligent, caring, professional CSR? Get out of the cell phone business, you're not wanted in it. Go to work for GE, or 3M, or LLBean, they still value your skills. Cingular doesn't.
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