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    Hi folks,

    As those who frequent the 650 forum know, my Treo 650 is on its last legs. Audio and hotsync jack ports don't work, had a killer hotsync loop recently, and the touchscreen is starting to get buggy and unreliable. Thus I am thinking of the future.

    * palm OS is necessity as I have tons of medical software for my 650 that I want to continue to use
    * cingular is necessity since I am affiliated with large corporation with a huge discount with cingular
    * don't use/need data service, just the PDA and the Phone apps for calls, SMS, and everything that a Palm PDA offers (calendar, to-do, memos, contacts, tons of medical software, a few games for boring meetings, pTunes for jogging, that kinda thing)

    Looks like the 680 is the way to go, right? (if there were a very promising future model around the corner AND a very cheap 650 to replace my 650, maybe I would wait; but there's always something great on the horizon, and I find that if you hold off waiting for it, you never get anything)

    I've been reading tons of reviews of the 680. Sounds like the battery is horrible and everything else is solid or significantly better than the 650.

    What should I know in considering getting a 680? What should I be wary of, what are the pros and cons as you folks see them? Am I right in thinking the 680 is a good option for a replacement in the next few weeks, or should I be considering something else?

    I'll be grateful for advice. Thanks!
    -- Josh
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    Just my opinion, but I think the 680 is great. And while I don't know what the 650's battery life is like, I don't find the 680 that bad. Just make sure that you apply the camera patch and see if you have problems with the battery meter settings. Take a look through the early threads in this forum. They'll tell you a lot.

    There's a sticky about moving from the 650 to the 680.

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    I love my 680, but the 650's battery life is much better. I would run your new 680 stock for a few days, if you have the patience. That way you can weed out any hardware or SIM card issues without the confusion of third party app conflicts...
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    I advise getting an extra battery and cradle; the cradle can be used to charge the extra battery. On days when my Palm isn't connected to my laptop and getting its charge topped off, I usually need to switch out batteries by early evening.
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    I'm a newb as well...but have a smidgen of time on my 680, so maybe I can comment.

    My Treo is box stock, and although I had some issues (dropped calls, "gibberish", and some other strange things) with two past current Crimson 680 is glitch-free so far. I have done two full-drain/reset/full-charge routines, and now am getting almost two days on a full-charge with moderate daily use. I have no past experience with the 650, but I think that's pretty good for a smartphone of any kind. I also have a Samsung Blackjack (weekend "toy")...and even with the extended battery, it barely gets a day and a half out of a full-charge. If you are a "power user", then you might want to pack an extra battery...if not, you should be OK.

    I will soon load some 3rd party software on my phone (I have just been busy and lazy...), but I am glad that I have been given some reliable coaching on what is safe and what is not. I don't want to haphazardly load a bunch of stuff that sounds good on my phone and throw stability out the window!

    All in all, so far I am very pleased with my Treo. It's a keeper...
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    1)It cannot be used as an alarm (with any application)
    2)It is much... MUCH slower than the treo 650
    3) If you crash (and believe me.. you will), booting up takes no less than THREE MINUTES. as compared to 20 seconds on a Treo 650.

    You can solve 99% of the Treo's problems with a hard reset.
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    Quote Originally Posted by question View Post
    It cannot be used as an alarm (with any application)
    Odd comment. I use mine as an alarm 5 or 6 times a day, mainly through DateBk6.

    Quote Originally Posted by question View Post
    It is much... MUCH slower than the treo 650
    Switching between apps is a little pokey compared to the 650 (which, apparently, is the price paid for stability), but I haven't noticed any slowness within the apps themselves.

    Quote Originally Posted by question View Post
    If you crash (and believe me.. you will), booting up takes no less than THREE MINUTES. as compared to 20 seconds on a Treo 650.
    Luckily, crashing with the 680 is much less common for me than it was on the 650. I crashed a couple of times a week with the 650; it's more like once a month with the 680.
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    Battery life is great for me as even on heavy days, I'll usually have 40% battery at the end of the day while light days leaves me with 80%.
    Obviously this will really vary depending on your usage but I'll bet the majority of people using this machine don't find it necessary to carry a spare battery around.

    Soooooo much more stable than the 650 and if yours isn't stable, there's either a hardware or a software problem that is fixable.

    Reboots aren't really an issue since I might have one every few weeks. Mine does NOT take 3 minutes.

    My alarm works great.

    Question, it sounds like you have stability issues that might be helped by checking your add-on software.
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    the 680 is great - battery is fine if you condition it and run the camera patch.

    If you don't have chatter or other email clients running, the battery is more than acceptable and will last you most of the day, charging it at night.

    good luck.
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    Run like Hell !!!
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    yes and might I add - with your hands up in the air like you just don't care..
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    I've had a Palms since the original 1000, and the Treo 680 is definitely the best I've had but...the battery life -even with the camera patch is crumby for me - it can't make it through a full day without running below 10% - and that's about 60 minutes a day talking time + 5 manual e-mail send/receives on 2 different e-mail accounts.

    My solution - you ask? (Or at least it's a work around.):

    I live with frequently using a car charger (eBay,) and keeping a charger at my desk at work (eBay also.) This is in addition to the USB sync cable it comes with (which allows you to charge it) and the original wall charger it came with by the nightstand. I also purchased a genuine Palm spare battery (from Treo Central on sale) for odd emergencies where I can't charge. All this sounds crazy - but I rarely run out of juice.

    (BTW - swapped the two batteries around - both have the same lousy life.)
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    After doing two total-drain/total-charge routines, I usually have 35-50% of my charge left after a 13-hour day of moderate use. But I have found that running two email accounts with VersaMail, syncing every 30-minutes, drastically cuts battery life.

    I have had to learn to live my life with a single email account with VersaMail (no biggie at all...) if I want to wind up at bedtime with 20%+ charge left.

    I charge every night, overnight though...better safe than sorry!
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    Maybe I'm really lucky or something.

    I run 3 emails on chatter checking every 15 minutes which I will reply to. I field calls, maybe 30 to 60 minutes a day and of course play games on the subway and bus and still I have around 40% without the need for constant recharging. In fact it's been getting stronger the last few weeks.
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    Hello, I am new here as well as a new PDA user. I have a Treo 680 and the first threads I read were on issues that many people have with the 680. Needless to say, I started to feel bad for buying the 680 before I even read reviews about it. Sigh. But thankfully, as I read on, I could see that all is not lost. Will just have to wait for the buggy things that people were talking about. Oh yeah, just now? It just did a soft reset (or turned itself off then on?) which is kinda weird and god I hope this doesnt bode of things worse.
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    Are you running your 680 clean, with no third party apps? My 680 has never spontaneously reset without an app to blame. I wouldn't load anything on it for a few days, just to rule out any hardware or SIM card issues.

    I saw in another thread that you had already done some things...Acropilot? Something like that. It could have been one of the programs you were playing with that caused the reset. It's best to take a patient attitude with Treos. My cousin just got her 680 and is dying to load new stuff on her shiny, new toy. But, I won't let her because it's her first Treo and if anything goes wrong...she'll freak and give up

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