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    So I have a somewhat different question. I was assaulted by a female Postal Police Officer, and during the assault she threw my Unlocked Arctic Treo 680, which I had purchased directly from Palm when they were first released, on the ground. Since the incident, just a couple of days ago, the microphone on the 680 doesn't work, but I have still been able to use the phone as well as ever with my BT headset.
    Palm don't sell the unlocked Arctic 680s anymore, and I don't want to replace it with a Grey one. An investigation is underway, and ultimately the Postal Police Officer will probably be fired, and the Postal Police will have to make amends with me regarding my phone, but this could take a while as it is a Federal Agency.
    What suggestions do you have that would get me back to life with a functioning Unlocked Arctic Treo 680?
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    Wow, sounds like she wnt postal on you. If you're confident in the outcome, get a replacement on eBay and wait for the settlement.
    Patrick Horne
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    Since you are confident that you will be getting a settlement from them, you could send the phone in for repair. Even if the warranty is voided by what happened, Palm should still cover repairs, even if there is a cost involved.

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