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    I think he pulled back the auto-update because a lot of people were experiencing crashes with it. I can't imagine it will be a 1.0 release with out that added back in and stable.
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    I suspect he'll put it back in, once he works out the auto-update flakiness.

    In any case, here's his list of updates:

    Version -05/11/07
    Bug – Canceling update in certain scenarios when trying to update the weather
    Bug- Freezing when touchscreening the “Start” button in the Update Screen

    Version -04/28/07
    Temporarily removed Auto Update. If you are upgrading from an older version, please delete it first before installing this new version

    Version -04/22/07
    Bug – Canceling when user uses 5 way to initiate an update
    Enhancement – Added menu

    Version – 04/14/06
    Initial Public Beta
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    yeah! I got a copy and went ahead and paid. What's $5. ;-) Course, xweather looks nice too....why isn't it more popular too?
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    Quote Originally Posted by boberang View Post
    yeah! I got a copy and went ahead and paid. What's $5. ;-) Course, xweather looks nice too....why isn't it more popular too?
    The xWeather developer, Scott, has basically ignored his customers the last couple of months. I think it's call "take the money and run!"
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    Anyone having issues with the 755p where Treo Weather won't open?
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    I just downloaded the trial version now for my 680, and really like it. It seems simple, and gets me what I want (current and 5 day forecasts for multiple cities).

    Since I don't use 2Day or anything else, it might be a great choice.
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    Please PLEASE give us a menu in the registrion screen so we can paste the unlock code Sometimes my eyes play tricks on me so I can't trust myself when writing it down
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    We have a new build available at
    This latest version should resolve pretty much all issues and also allows the mini screen to display up to 3 cities.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MarkY View Post
    I really like that idea.

    Also had that same thought.

    And then later I thought how gx5 could be "that much closer" to their very own fully developed launcher, including or incorporating DBP, TreoWeather & TreoMemo. (We are almost talking about a new OS (or look) for Palm.) Other than the size of the footprint, it shouldn't be that hard to incorporate everything into one robust program. Just how do you keep the cost down for consumers.
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    Do any of these weather apps allow for alerts to be sent as messages to my phone?

    Right now I'm sampling xWeather, and so far like this the best.
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    Hiya! just a request here. Hope that you can make a Treoweather plugin for zLauncher. Would love to see the nice iGX-5 style plugins for that great launcher.
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    Has any more work been done on this to allow hourly syncing?

    In addition to the hourly syncing, it would be nice to have an hourly view if only for the next 12 hours. Thanks.
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    So for the last 48 hours this app will not update the weather and "check for software update" fails as well (DNS error).

    Confirmed on a friend's device as well....

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    Is anybody having problems with this program. I'm not able to update the weather. It's been down for a couple days.
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    If Gx-5 is using Yahoo as a source, there was a Yahoo change earlier this week that was causing a problem. I use 4cast and the developer made an adjustment to account for this the other day. Possibly Gx-5 is working on the same.
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    GX5's website has no support links. They cannot be contacted.
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    The support link isn't on the main page. You have to go to the treoweather page and there you'll see a support link. I already contacted them about the update problems and they replied that they are aware of the issues. So I guess they're working on an update right now.
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    Just to let you guys know, it's been fixed. Just upgrade from the program itself to the newest version which is something like 1.0.2. I feel much better. I went 5 days without it.
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    Looks like GX-5 is getting heavily into iPhone development. Should be interesting to see what they come out with.
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    Trying to update to gets a dead link. I wonder if another update is in the works...
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