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    I inadvertently switched from English to Chinese on my h/p and I cant find a way of switching back - the only way I have found wld be a hard reset and then reload from previous back-up. However this was a month or so ago and many names and numbers have been added since. Does anyone know how to switch back? Or which file in the back-up is the one that would have the Chinese language option - so the one not to copy back... Thanks your help.
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    What program did you use to change to Chinese? CJKOS? If that's the case, go to the app CManager, and delete all the localization files that are not FONTS. If I remember correctly, those are all the files with the little green icon on the left. Again, this is in CManager app, that came with CJKOS
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    ChenLing - thanks yours, yes it was CJKOS - trying to navigate and find the CManager... will get help reading the caracters

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