I visit a website, login and get the welcome back screen. So Blazer 4.5 is entering the web password fine. When I click on a password protected link, it tells me I need to login. I login, welcome back! Click the link, you need to login. It repeats, login, welcome back, login, welcome back -- it's not remembering my password and login.

These same sites (cigar aficionado, ebay, etc.) worked fine on my Treo 650.

The Palm website recommends I call Cingular for support - HA - I can't get them to figure out my minutes, how can I expect they'll know anything about the TREO. I'm at a loss. Any information or ideas on what I should try will be helpful.

Treo 680, Blazer 4.5, Cookies are on (by default), web cache set at 6mb.