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    Hi, I am currently using my Treo Wireless Headset with my new Treo 680. I've noticed a difference in behaviour when compared to using with my previous Treo 650.

    When the BT headset is turned on, the Treo 680 turns on too, to acknowledge it probably. The BT symbol in the top right of the screen inverts itself, then turns into a headset icon, indicating an active connection with the headset. However, this headset icon persists. Even if there are no calls. If the phone rings, I can pick up using the headset immediately. This implies that the headset is permanently connected to the Treo. Thus draining battery...

    With the Treo 650, turning the headset on with invert the symbol briefly, then it would revert to its normal shade. With an incoming call, the symbol woulr reverse while the Treo connected to the headset, then the icon would change once connected. After the phone call, the two would disconnect & the symbol would change back to the normal BT one. It would take a few seconds longer to route a phone call to the headset, but it would save battery.

    I notice that my battery drain with the 680 is about 5%/hour with BT on & the headset connected as above, compared with 1-2%/hour with BT off.

    Any comments?
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    I have the same problem and Palm says it should not happen if you use a BT headset on their compatibility list. But I do and still have the problem.
    It is a bug.

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