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    Well, I couldn't take it any more. Keep hitting my button for the web, and going to Good contacts. The system may "work", but this is a pain. I thought I could wait a few months until the patch came out, but it really bugs me. And if I need to learn a new set of keys anyway...

    I just ordered the Blackberry 8800.

    The button issue wasn't the only issue I was having with the Treo, but it was the straw that broke the camel's back.

    Good-bye. I hope Good can fix the issues for the rest of you.
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    I am about to do the same and am just waiting for few days to figure out it if there is a way, otherwise, I am going to return my Treo750 and get the 8800. This is ridiculous and unacceptable that Good takes over the Contacts and keys.
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    You can't assign the keys as you like after installing goodlink?
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    Goodluck with the Blackberry. let us know how you like it
    Using a Centro with free ActiveSync at
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    For me it is not so much the buttons being problem but rather whenever going to contacts whether through messaging to choose the "To", or any other link that goes to the contacts. This also causes problem on the main "Today" window, where you set speed dial options. On Treo 750, you can have the link of speed dials show up as photos rather than text, which is my favorite part of the interface.
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    This is a perfect example of why I'm not a fan of Good - it takes over the device and ruins the otherwise excellent job Palm did with WM.

    Too bad that the application is what's making you leave us.
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    I hate to see you go. As I have said, version 5.0 will release the native contact stores.
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    One month on the Blackberry 8800 so far. It's good (pardon the pun), but not a panacea for everything. My likes and dislikes are essentially hardware and OS related. But relative to goodlink (remember, I upgraded from a Treo 650):

    +Doesn't crash
    +complete contact integration with phone app. Type a contacts name, have the option to phone, sms, email, etc...
    +Doesn't crash
    +Lots of spare memory
    +form factor / battery life!
    +Doesn't crash

    -Not as customizable;
    -UI is not as intuitive
    -No touchscreen
    -poor 3rd party app availability / support

    It's a pain to relearn a new system. The changes that Good made in the last upgrade forced me to relearn my patterns (ie -- couldn't use the buttons as I programmed them) so I used the opportunity to switch. The buttons on the bb aren't programable, so you need to return to 'home' and press the shortcut key. It is the same number of keystrokes as on the unprogramable treo w/ good, so not a net improvement.

    My overall assessment is that the BB 8800 is a marginal improvement over the treo / good combination. Better form factor / battery life (bb8800) vs better UI / 3rd party apps.

    In any case, my firm made the switch, and Good lost all 7 users. Ahh well, it sucks to be a rounding error.

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