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    Needs some advice and help. My current Sprint contract is up in a couple of days. I have a Treo 650 and am looking at the Treo 700p phones. I want to upgrade for the EV-DO options. If I just bought a 700p straight out and switched it over to my number would I be set for mobile broadband? Yes, it is available in my area.

    Do I need to upgrade my Vision plan (I have straight Vision, not Power Vision) to get the increased speeds?

    My other thought was to just sign up for a totally new plan and get a discounted 700p. Do I pick Vision or Power Vision, if I do that, to get broadband like speeds? I hate to get locked into a new 2 year contract, but if I can get a huge discount on the phone it might be OK. After getting my new plan and phone I would then cancel my older one. Anyone ever do this? Difficult process or makes sense?

    I don't care so much about keeping my current main number, but I do currently have another phone on the "add on phone" plan with my current plan and I do hate to lose that number (used for business). Thoughts on the best way to handle this situation?

    I really want the EV-DO service for faster internet (my treo is used more for that than a phone!). I want to stream my slingbox tv to my treo 700p while traveling and need the faster connection speed for that too.
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    Hi Printergirl1 !

    Wait until the Sprint Treo 755 is announced, supposedly in May. Then you can choose between that and the 700P.

    Sprint probably has the 700P on special now, to wind down the inventory.

    If you bought a 700P outright -- yes, you would not extend your contract, but would probably pay a higher price -- unless you get one on e-bay.

    You will need to go up the $5 ($10 to $15) to get PowerVision if you put a 700p or 755p on your account.

    You can keep your same number, either way.

    Also, since your contract is up -- I would call Customer Service and ask to talk to Retentions. Tell them you are looking around -- and see what "new deal" they will give you for staying --- you will get a better deal than you can wrangle at the store. The store is "locked" into offering the standard deal -- retentions can deal to keep you. You will get a better minutes package and possibly some other free or 'discounted' benefits on texting, roaming, or early nights and weekends.

    Time to brush up on those negotiation skills!
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    Since you aren't locked into the concept of keeping a phone number, I wonder whether the mythical SERO plan is a solution for you? 700p is currently $250 and the rate plans are rather attractive.

    The downside of this is (as you noted) the 2 year commitment.

    Plus you have the confusion of how to keep that phone number on the add-on line.

    But really. Two years goes fast.

    I bought the SERO plan for 2,500 minutes, plus unlimited ExtraSuperDeluxeMegaPowerVisionSpeedWhiz data plan.

    The point is that if I get sick of this and want to move to another phone company it costs me $200 to get out. No big deal at all.

    Money solves most problems.
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    To extend Tasty's point another notch -- I moved to a SERO plan and kept my same number this past December by calling Retentions when I was at the end of my contract.

    I told them I had the necessary coding to get a SERO account thru the SERO website (which I did) but I wanted to keep my number(which you cannot do at the SERO web site). . . .since I was going out of contract in 2 weeks -- they said okay and set me up.

    (Actually, they no longer had SERO codes available to them at that time to set me up on a true "SERO" account -- but with the "codes and discounts" they have at their disposal -- they were able to set me up with the equivilant of a SERO account.)

    Read thru the 'Dirt Cheap Sero' thread to get a feeling for what is out there and what is possible. Knowing the lay of the land will help you negotiate better. Being happy, polite and "in need of help" has always seemed to get them to go that extra mile for me.
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    I have actually been looking at the SERO stuff over the past few days. Any idea if it's possible to keep my current plan, but remove my main number and keep the add a line number (making that the main number)? If I could do that, my husband could keep his phone (and current number) on what we have now (not sure if they would do that since we are out of contract though) and I could move to a SERO plan. Anyone done this?
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    Not sure why you would need to do this printergirl1. If both lines are out of contract --- get a deal thru retentions on both. If you have the SERO coding -- use that with retentions on one line (keeping the same number) and then see what deal they could work for you on the 2nd line (keeping that number, as well.). . . . .
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