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    Is there an app that turns off touchpad during calls but that could allow you to use the touchpad if you hit a key or button?

    No matter how hard I try, while on a call and on the screen with the dialpad, I constantly hit keys with my face/ear, etc.

    Ideally, the app would turn the touchpad off during the call but then back on afterwards AND and have a feature where I could override it while on the phone if I wanted to use the touchpad to take down a memo or otherwise use the screen.
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    Phone Technician may work for you. It has a function, "Screen off during call," but you will need to press a hard key to get back functionality.
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    I just use the built-in prefs to disable the screen during calls.. If I need to use an on-screen button I just 5-way to it.
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    I believe treoguard also does this...
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    I disabled my touch screen via the built-in-prefs on my 650. When on a call if I need to take a memo, I hit home button and when in apps, the screen is ENabled. when I go back to the phone app, its disabled.

    Have you tried that?
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    OK. I'm an *****. I thought I tried disabling it in prefs - but then couldn't use it to take a memo during a call. The fact is that you can indeed take a memo with the screen disabled on a call.

    Thanks folks.

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