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    Is there a fix for the lack of response or speed the 680 has....this is my only problem with the 680, side by side test with my 650 shows a definete lag of 3 to 8 secs opening average built in programs....its truley driving me to ...think about drinking.
    It's Simple really..........
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    Some users experience a slight lag on the 680 and are hoping for a fix in the next firmware update.

    If it's driving you to want to drink, you may want to lay the Treo down for're getting a little too emotionally involved with her
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    I don't see the 680 getting a firmware update before a new model is released. Let's face it folks, there are four things already that should be in a rom update, Exchange Active Sync, Camera Update, DST Update and the Pocket Tunes 4. It would take Palm less than one day to create the image, test it and post it on their support site. has it happened yet? No. And I have given up waiting. Where oh where are my custom rom tools, I plan on making the update myself!
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    I'm impatiently waiting for the ROM tools, too...if for nothing else, just to get rid of the crap they force on us.
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    acctually only had the treo for 5 days she is going back, I tested it against another treo 680 last night....first I wipped mine clean, and then tested it was still lagging some 5 secs + behind the other treo 680
    It's Simple really..........
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    that sounds like cruelty to treos.

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