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    Very strange. Sorry, but I'm out of ideas. At least you have a workaround.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ace1281 View Post
    My tomtom makes an annoying beeping and bell sounded alert when I use tomtom without a bluetooth gps present. does anyone know how i can shut it off?
    Apologies to bring this up again. I have just upgraded from TomTom 5 to TomTom 6 and I find this constant search for the GPS unit extremely annoying. TT5 didn't do that ...

    No other solution except for the workaround (choose wired GPS receiver) described in this thread ?

    Many thanks, Jurgen
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    I also kept getting the alert chimes when I started using TT6. I could never work out exactly why, but I suspect it was when TT had lost contact with the receiver (and maybe also when it regained it?).

    However, a lot of this was because the whole thing behaved very erratically until I copied it onto a different SD card (there's a whole separate thread on the subject). It now runs pretty smoothly and I don't seem to get alerts any more - even when I deliberately switch of the receiver.

    I agree that TT complains constantly if BT is off, but mine is quite happy with BT on but the receiver off.

    However, it does need to have a "current GPS position". Usually this seems to be the last-known position if the receiver is off, but for some operations it always wants to get a current fix - like when planning an itinerary. I picked up this tip on the TT forum for forcing a current position:

    Use Advanced Planning to plan a very short route starting at your chosen position - it only needs to go a few metres. Then run the demo of the route, but as soon as the demo starts, stop it. TT now treats that position as "current". This lasts until you either do it again to set another position, or switch on the receiver and get a real fix.

    Could the BT discovery problems be caused by not pairing with the receiver properly before running TT? That was quite an old post, maybe it's been sorted now.


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