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    Can anyone tell me how fast of a connection they have using the BT DUN?
    Also how fast is a verizon broadband card for laptop?
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    It's pretty fast. Granted, it's not 6mbps fast, but it's fast enough to do what you need to do if no other connectivity is available, particularly if you happen to be in an EVDO zone. Non-EVDO zones are slower but still doable if you absolutely need to be connected.

    I have a Sprint 700P and my associate has a Verizon and we both utilize the dun (phone-as-modem) on a regular basis and it almost always performs well-enough to get the job-at-hand done.

    FYI: it always connects at what is said to be 2.4mbps however I find this to be inaccurate and unreliable.

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    I've had it up to 450kbps at some points using the Treo 700p via usb cable to laptop, using BT it seems to be about 300kbps in bursts. That's the biggest issue i have with the speeds. While 300kbps is ok when constant, there can be several second delays between bursts.
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    Bluetooth I can stream on my slingplayer at a constant 400-430kbps with my highest speed test burst of between 500-600kbps.. The main problem of BT is its version 1.2 and its not as fast as 2.0.. But with a USB cable I am guessing my speeds would be close to double that..

    But the laptop PCI card will always be faster since the new ones are Rev A which improves the upload and download speed along with a lower latency. I have only played with a PCI card for 10 mins and surfing web pages it seemed as fast as my cable modem at home but when it come to downloading large files my cable modem would blow it away.
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    Are you serious? 400kb streaming? What carrier? What area? Any additional tuning or optimizations? Can you get through a show w/o it breaking up?

    I certain can't do that with Vzw, Treo 700p, Orange County
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    I'm also on Sprint and get about 375 - 450 kbps using BT. No optimization or anything extra done to the phone.
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    isn't bluetooth in general(as a protocol) limited lower then those speeds?
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    When your tethering and your pc pops up and says youre connected at 2,4mbits, what they are saying is that, that is the speed at which your computer is communicating with the device you have connected to (i.e your treo). Its the sdame thinkg with wifi, such as wireless G which says it connects at 54mbits....that does not mean you are downloading or surfing at 54 means thats the speed at which the device is communicating with the router.

    so to clock your true speed while tethering, you need to use a site that measures bandwidth or do a ping test yourself if youre more advanced.

    I feel bad for you verizon folks because im with sprint and i tend to get 700-800kbps on average when tethering with PDAnet (which has an EVDO optimizing function) Highest ive gotten has been 936kbps. My handset itself rarely clocks in any higher than 600kbps. I think this is a limitation with my handset that somehow PDAnet found a workaround for when tethering.
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    Are any of you guys able to watch a slingbox feed without choppiness? Even though my speeds are around 350-400, the delay between bursts cause choppiness.

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