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    First post here but I'm wondering if anyone else can confirm something for me...

    Yesterday I was in meetings all day in another office ( so this could be a simple signal thing but... )

    I had my 680 on silent all day, which isn't something I do normally. When I looked at my battery meter at about 1pm the phone was still saying it had 99% battery remaining. Now the phone had been taken off charge at around 6:30am so it had been using battery for a while.

    Now today I took the phone off the charger a little later, have had the phone in non-silent for half the morning, but had to put it on silent again at about 10am. I now have 97% battery life, which is higher than normal too.

    So I'm wondering if putting the phone on silent by moving the switch actually turns the internal amp off, where normally it would be on. This would account for better battery life?

    Or I might be imagining it completely, but it'd be nice if others could comment here.


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    Hi Pete
    Actually, if anything, I have seen the opposite reported. ie. Silent mode drains power faster, although I havent observed that myself. Sounds like you are getting pretty good performance, but whether that is related to silent mode would require a more measured comparison, such as leaving it on overnight, in silent or not in silent mode, and comparing over a stretch of a few hours...if you care enough to work that out. I would guess that it wont make much difference unless you are actually using the phone, in which case silent mode might be saving you a bit of power cos the phone isnt making noises.
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    I agree with DIG, turning my switch to silent mode seems to drain my battery faster...
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    You certainly are getting around the threads today Christiana! Having a quiet morning? (I think it is morning over there in the upside down hemisphere...).
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    Well, I wouldn't say it's a "quiet" morning. But, my girls have just woken up and are still a little too sleepy to be at eachother's throats yet. The refereeing should commence in about an hour...

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