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    hello all.
    I am curious if anyone here ever has the issue where their treo 700p screen dims for no appearant reason.

    sometimes i'm in the middle of a tcpmp movie or surfing the web when it happens.

    I am not hitting the option + menu buttons and I do not have my phone set to auto dim at any time.

    anyone know of a fix for this issue?. might it be battery related?

    the brightness level decreases by just a bit (i'd say about 15-20 percent) then randomly goes back to normal.

    any comments would be appreciated.
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    They unit is getting hot so it dims to cool off.. Happens after about 20-30 mins of watching slingplayer.. The only fix I have is to turn the phone off for a few mins then go back to using it, or place it in the freezer for 30 seconds or yet again go over to an A/C vent and cool it off.
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    awww.. its a heat issue!!!.... I have that happen a lot when I am in the car using blazer and the phone is charging..

    I will have to check next time it happens to see if the unit feels hot.

    Yeah.. after several minutes it just comes back on (gets brighter)
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