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    Recently, when I first try to sych the phone, it resets itself rather than synch. After I detach the cord and reattach it and try synching again, the phone will then permit a synch, but it immediately resets at the end of the synch. I've tried deleting recent software, etc. to fix this problem. I am trying to avoid a hard reset that will require me to reinstall the gazillion programs I have. Anyone have any suggestions as to what may be causing my problem? Thanks in advance.
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    The problem could be the 'gazillion' programs.
    If you do a hard reset and then a hot sync, the programs will be reinstalled, so don't fear a hard reset.
    Why not try a hard reset, don't hot sync nor install anything. Create a new user and hotsync with your new user. Just have a plain phone, no applications, for a day or two and hot sync periodically. Create some data entries and keep syncing. See if the problem goes away. If so, your Treo is okay.
    Then do hot sync with your computer (and bring back all your stuff) and see if the problem comes back. If so, you know that the problem isn't with the Treo, but with one (or more) of your programs.
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    Is your hot sync completing? It doesn't hurt the Treo to soft reset at the end of the hot sync as long as it's completely finished transferring your data...
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    After the sync resets try pushing ##377 on your handset and see what is causing it. It could just be the hotsync but it could also be a program that is being used when you hotsync. Sometimes mine will crash if I am still using a Docs to go program and haven't closed it properly.
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    For Verizon users you need to type a # after 377, so you would enter


    while in the Phone application
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