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    Does anyone recognize this in palm internals:

    •47 'UartBulverdeIntel' arm 73029E24 DBCache
    •51 'UartBulverdeIntel' arm 73029E24 DBCache
    –––ecna–––External connector attached
    •122 'UartBulverdeIntel' arm 73029E24 DBCache pri 127
    –––ecnd–––External connector detached
    •124 'UartBulverdeIntel' arm 73029E24 DBCache pri 127

    anyone know what that program is above?
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    Believe that it is the UART driver for IR (beaming).
    I'm gonna guess you downloaded the RAW IR patch? If so, those will be the new files from that update.
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    I don't recognize it but my 700p has two of them Bulverdeuart700p.prc and Bulverdeuart700p.prc_enUS. The Creator ID is u73x and I imagine they are files necessary to be in RAM(0).
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    hmmm, very good info guys !!!

    I might of downloaded RAW IR patch, i dont even remember and i am not sure if i did why i even did it, isnt it to help with virtual keyboards or something....?

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