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    Anyone use Pocket Quicken, is it worthwhile? I'm just setting up quicken2001 for the Mac and regularly use my Visor for expense tracking, would be nice to have it mesh well with Quicken...Thanks - Tim in Minneapolis
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    buy a PC.
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    I regularly use Pocket Quicken. It is especially handy on out-of-town trips, when mucho spending can occur. This way, you can enter use of debit card or checks as you go, and always know your true balance. (I suck at gestimating balances.)

    When you hot sync, it puts all of the account activity into the desktop quicken. You can have it "remember" the VDX-entered info on the VDX or not. You can not set it up to pull any entries on desktop into VDX memory.

    I like it--easy to use, keeps my checks from bouncin'
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    i tried it and found it pretty dreadful, actually. i don't recall exactly why now, except a general "didn't live up to it's promise". i have quicken 2001 and it wouldn't synch properly, i remember that. i passed on registering it and use pocket money now instead, which rocks.

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    Originally posted by mensachicken
    i have quicken 2001 and it wouldn't synch properly, i remember that.
    yeah, if it didn't synch with Quicken on my desktop, it would be pretty pointless, as reconciliation, etc., is done on desktop.

    for me, it synchs and keeps a running balance, and uploads new transactions entered into VDX into desktop Quicken.
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    mensachicken, I didn't think that pocket money would work with the desktop version of Quicken. Does pocket money sync with Quicken?
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    I have been using micromoney for over a year now. It has never had even one problem and works flawlessly. If there ever was a free palm app which should have been commercial, this is it. There is no desktop version, but who needs it. Keeps track of daily and future balances. It allows me to see how the automatic-scheduled transactions affect my balance before the next payday. Automatically enters repeating transactions. Easily mark cleared transactions and purge them when you wish (makes it easy to audit your account with the bank statement). Several good report functions. I actually use this software more than any other on my handheld. It is perfect for anyone who simply wants to track a few checking, savings, and credit accounts; which is all I need. You can download it from

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    I have used quicken on my desk top for several years, so got pocket quiecken, I sync with the desk top, copy over the account balances, which is good, but doesn't copy over the transacion accounts, which is not good. i don't enter CashC, CCard or Checks into pocket quicken so it isn't worth to me what i paid for it, and they havn't updraded it for over year and an half. I don't even know why i keep it on the visor. If you want my copy i will send it to you or try a demo copy for a which.
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    I love pocket quicken. It does what I need it to do - just enter debit/ credit card transactions. In over a year I've never had a synching problem.

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