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    I have a Visor Deluxe and connect to the internet with my Nokia 6210 via the IR port and have the high speed modem enabled on my network so I get 28k access . But I've tried using Blazer 1.1beta and can't get the thing to connect. All my other apps including things like AvantGo work fine. When I open Blazer it immediately connects to the Internet, takes ages to connect to the Blazer server and come up with the username and password dialog, and while it is verifying it comes up with a page timeout error message and immediately disconnects (except it doesn't disconnect my phone like every other internet app I have, just closes down ppp on my Visor).

    What's going wrong? (And yes I am positive I have my username and password correct. I double checked at

    So far I'm not impressed by Blazer, though I've come to realise with things like AvantGo 3.5 and so on you get what you pay for. Unless there are options in Blazer that only become available once you've connected there seems to be no cache access and no history feature. What about syncing a website using an alternative connection? I got myself Palmscape ( which I have found to be far superior to every other browser for PalmOS. While we are used to getting browsers for free I've found that paying seems to be the only way to get a quality app. Palmscape has all the features of Blazer (bar WML/WAP but that's what my WAP phone is for) and so much more. While the documentation could be improved Palmscape is chock full of features, to the point where it's almost the full Netscape 4 squished onto PalmOS (in fact it has a better history feature). There's also a Windows app that allows you to grab a whole website, dump it into a pdb file and let you hotsync that with Palmscape. Or if you want you can put any html page into a memo (<4k of course) and view it with Palmscape. And if you're offline and select a link, as well as asking if you want to go online to get it or just cancel, you can queue that page for retrieval and do this several times over. Then you just go online at a convenient time and tap the button to retrieve all queued pages in one go. Very cool stuff.

    I think I'm going to stick with Palmscape for now.

    DISCLAIMER: I'm not biased, just my honest opinions, nothing more, but I will admit I haven't got round to trying AvantGo 4 yet.
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    Cor! I've got to say that I could have written your post, from my own experience.

    I use 28.8k wireless (ain't it brilliant - Orange + 6210 + Palmscape rocks!), I could not get blazer to continue after entering my username & password. I have logged it through the Blazer website, but so far no response.

    I've got a ThinModem, but I've not had a chance to test Blazer through this. I'll post the results when I do.
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    I think it is an issue with the the older OS. I wasn't able to get Blazer to work with my VDx, but now that I have a Prism it works perfectly and it is a whole lot better than ProxiWeb was (which I used to use).

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