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    Wohoo got it to work with alot of reading and even more help from someone who knows what hes talkin about shout out to eric bronx dude your a god with your bt adaptor and softtick ppp and a few settings boom im surfin on my palm from my living room computer or bed room comp love it thanks everyone for there input and help information should be free and no one should ever be told they cant surf with out a price cheers everyone.

    I did find this how ever to unlock your treo
    to unlock my Treo phone i used my ime # or 15 digit serial nummber

    Some carriers will, upon request, provide you with an official code to unlock your Treo. This only applies to GSM phones. To get your unique unlock code try calling your carrier's customer service and explain that you wish to use the phone abroad and as such require the unlock code so that you can use a SIM from another operator.

    To use your unique official unlock code, launch the Phone app:



    where you replace the x with your code,

    then press Send.
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    Nevermind the PM, I got your answer here... Congratulations!
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    Most say itís easy but the truth is it can be quite difficult for many since Every Pc has different configurations as well as the Treo that are not addressed in any of the Reverse Bluetooth guides.

    Iím just glad to see you got it going.

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