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    I use tcpmp and kinoma and i used to be able to listen to streaming radio on my vzw 650 from this site now when i try to i get (this link type is not supported) and when i can try to connect to a station i only get the option to save to card or medai and not to listen to it so what had happened and how do i fix it
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    The Stream Center seems to be working for me. I get the usual several seconds of buffering and insufficient bandwidth messages, but it does eventually play.

    Not all of the offerings on The Stream Center are supported by Kinoma. Were you able to stream the same stations before? Have you tried sampling some other stations?
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    The Stream Center is still working great for me, also.
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    yes i have tried the same stations but they do not work and i have tried different ones
    what are the file extensions of the ones you listen to wmp,stw,etc....
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    I normally listen to WMP formatted stations. RA and STW don't seem to work with Kinoma.
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    okay so i have found that if i find the radio station on the home computer and type it into the browser in kinoma it will pull the station up so i believe that the problem is actually getting kinoma or the website to connect to each other simultaneously

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