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    Would appreciate it if the owners of the 680 could respond and tell us if they have the lag on their phones and if so; how bad is the lag? Thanking you in advance.

    I probably will get the 755P next month and try it out for 30 days. If the lag is still persistent as on the 700p; then I would return the phone. I do love Treo's and probably will get the new device for xmas if Palm has finally fixed their problems.
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    You should ask this in the 680 forums.

    Sprint Treo 700p
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    I get lag when the phone is searching for a signal. other than that. I have 0 lag issues.

    Plz explain what you mean exactly. I haven't owned a 700P BTW.
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    Quote Originally Posted by blackboxsocial View Post
    You should ask this in the 680 forums.
    That's true, maybe the moderator will post this in the 680 forum. I realized that after I posted it.
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    I know someone with a 750 that came from a 700wx and he says it lags just about the same. So I doubt the 680 the lower down treo model would be any better...
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    The only lag I have on the 680 is in the Date and Time app under Preferences.

    And, I wouldn't call the 680 a "lower down Treo model" from the 750. It's a completely different device...

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