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    There's a lot of info about Treo650-1.20-ENA but it's still not clear to me why my Treo 650 (firmware 01.71 and software version Treo650-1.20-ENA and carrier DB 255, CC-Cap ENA-ENA-001, Hardware: A) doesn't accept any SIM card other than Cingular. I deleted the carrier and network files using FileZ but this didn't help. Hard resetting the device also didn't unlock the device. The Cingular logo is gone, but what I need is to be able to use my T-Mobile and European SIM cards.


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    Just flashing your Treo with the unlocked firmware doesn't unlock your only changes your ROM version. You need Cingular or one of those unlocking services to unlock the actual device itself.
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    Christina - from what i remember. you cant even update your Firmware without first unlocking the T650. Unless thats changed. I believe in ROMTool you can edit tokens and one of them is linked to lock/unlock IIRC.

    Can anyone else shed some light onto this?
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    You can customize your ROM and flash your firmware to a different version on a locked 650. I am locked to Cingular and have changed my ROM tons of times. Even editing the tokens on the 1.20 ENA version will not unlock his device.

    I stay with the Cingular 1.17 version because it has the smallest partition anyway...
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    Just in case it's not yet clear, changing the ROM doesn't affect the SIM Subsidy lock at all. If it's locked, no fiddling will unlock it without the appropriate code, and subsequent upgrades and hard resets do not affect the subsidy lock.

    The ROM can be Branded or Unbranded. There's no "locked" ROM. My 650 had 1.20 FW on it with some stuff removed from it, never tried to make my own. My 680 is stock, and in fact don't think I've seen anyone making custom roms for it yet.
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    i thought i read somewhere that you need to unlock your handset before editing the firmware on it. is there a way to know if your handset is locked/unlocked if you dont have access to a non-cingular SIM card(i have cingular thats why i say "non-cingular")?
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    I just took a verizon board and put a locked gsm (Cingular) modem on and installed the unlocked rom with no issues

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