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    These things suck.

    I've broken two of them in the past 30 days, one while taking it out of the Treo, the other just picking it up off of my desk.
    They're a waste of money.
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    agreed, the pen cap plastic is horrible. The part where the threads are suck. They snap right off.
    ONE can be spelled as NEO.
    There is no spoon.
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    Mine have worked pretty good.
    I had to put a small bend to prevent it from falling out, but they are better than other offerings IMHO because the pen points down and never dries out.
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    Mine have worked pretty good as well
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    I bought my 3-pack in January, 2005, and I think I'm on my second or third one. One broke, and I MIGHT have given one away. They're tucked away in my closet somewhere and I really don't feel like getting it out. I should mention I rarely use the stylus and use either my fingers or the directional buttons. I really only use it as a backup pen.

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