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    I got a problem with Hotsync. When I do Hotsync (with cable), everything looks fine during the whole process. Just when the PC hotsync window closed as normal, my Treo is reset. The problem started a few days ago. I donít think I dad installed any new software after the last normal Hotsync.

    I tried the dbscan software find nothing wrong.

    Then I installed the crashpro. The reset log tells like this:

    Application: WordView+ 8.002
    Data: 9 Apr 2007 8:49 AM
    StringMgr.c, Line 68: NULL string passed.

    Can anybody know what is the problem? Thanks
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    The error code looks like it has something to do with the Docs to Go app...
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    Had this error with an e2. You need to download an uninstaller from docs to go:

    Then download the latest version 8.003 and reinstall.

    good luck
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