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    Well, my curiosity finally bit me in the rear! I decided to download and trial Agendus for Windows PC and upon syncing my 700p noticed that only 3 off my contacts were present on the desktop. Then I noticed that the same 3 contacts were the only ones left on my Treo!
    So, some searching I am unable to find my contacts database; I've followed some advice about .bak files and .dat but its a little unnerving to me.
    I wound up deleting Palm desktop and then reinstalling; then changing the sync option to Outlook where most of my "old" contacts are.
    Unfortunately, these contacts date back to 2005 and many of my new contacts are not here.
    Can anyone tell me where my recent contacts might be and what they are labled? I've lookind in the palm folder in my computer and have found several file folders but I'm no sure what files to load.
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    Did you check the Archive folder in the Palm file? I'm assuming you checked the ContactsDB in the Backup folder. Do you use a backup program to an SD card? If so, you can just choose your most recent backup and restore the ContactsDB file from there...
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    I had a similar issue with Agendus for Windows. Luckily my contacts weren't deleted off my Treo they just wouldn't show up on the desktop. Apparently this is an acknowledged bug that they are working on fixing

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