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    hey all!

    i've searched around - not finding anything

    so, i'll launch a new thread

    my good ole treo... God bless it, has seen better days

    i'm gonna need to wipe it and start over

    i can deal with reinstalling all my apps - that's no problem

    but what about my favorites? both in Blazer and the "favorites" (soft)buttons on the main screen?

    i *really* don't want to reprogram all those things

    are all of these saved in a single file that i can find inside the backup folder so that i can copy-and-paste it after the purge/refresh?

    any help would be greatly appreciated, thx!
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    Make sure you a full backup of your Treo on your SD card via BackupMan or RescoBackup. Then you can restore the Blazer Bookmark file. Or you can copy the file to the SD card via Filez and copy it back later.
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    okay, thx

    but what about the other favorites - the ones on the main phone screen - when you press the 5-way down you get that menu that pops up - those are called favorites, too

    is there a way for those to "survive" through a wipe/restore?
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    It would be the Blazer Bookmarks and PhoneFavorites2DB that you need...
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    thx christin
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    Your welcome...

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