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    I have a Sprint Treo 700p with Power Vision service - have always had 200-300 K speeds. Yesterday starting experiencing very slow speeds and timeouts. Seems to have persisted intermittently today. Soft reset no help. Using it in my house, where I always have good speeds, and problem is on my wife's 700p as well, so it 's not my phone. We live in Southeast Michigan. Called Sprint and they are looking into it, but claim not to have had other reports. Had an automated OTA update pushed out when I called (I assume this is an update to the roaming PRL) - no help.
    Has anyone else in in our area (or elsewhere) had problems?
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    Yes, I have had problems all week. I'm on Norman, Oklahoma. I've been having complete internet outages, slowness, timeouts, dropped calls, and horrible echoes on both my phones. Everyone who calls me hears their own voice echoed back to them. I finally called Sprint today & griped. Of course nobody else has had ANY problems according to them, but they made me a trouble ticket, gave me a whopping $4 bill credit, & promised it'd be fixed w/in 36 hours.

    I never thought I'd say this, but Sprint is really pissing me off. Maybe I'm just bitter b/c of the experience I had working for them, but if this isn't fixed w/in a few days, I'm canceling. Or I'm gonna at least THREATEN to cancel. I've been with them for 3 or 4 years now & have always had good service until lately. The only problem with canceling now would be the ETFs($600 for 3 lines) & the fact that the only other Treo carrier here is Cingular :/
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    Until the end of 07 sprint is upgrading the EVDO network.. They are starting in major cites and working out.. They are currently upgrading EVDO to Rev A and when they do that they have to take it down on that tower so the other towers have to pick up the slack which causes slower speeds. I had the same problem you guys did in my area and when I called in the tech told me about the upgrades and it would be back to normal soon. I checked the sprint map online and sure enough I am now in a Rev A area but the entire area.. Also at one point I was running at 1xrtt data all day and could not pick up EVDO at all..
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    I had some internet outages here in Plano TX (right outside of Dallas) on Friday, but they went away by Saturday.
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