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    I found this review while searching if there is way to get charging indicator light on Treo 750 from Cingular also work as indicator that there is network coverage.

    Around 7th paragraph. the author goes on saying
    "It’s curious that there is still a hole in the upper left corner of the door for the indicator light on the 700 series, which is non-existent on the 750. So, we can conclude that the door was not re-engineered for the 750, which probably saved money and cut production costs. "

    Well if that thing that lights up not light then I don't know what it is!
    I feel sorry for the guys at Monaco being called lazy & cost saving just because there was no need to redesign the door, this should be fixed ASAP and apology sent to the guys at Monaco!
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    that makes me wonder if the reviewer even owns a Treo 750.

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