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    Can a MP3 file be added to the phone, & it be used as a ring tone without having a SD card?
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    I dont think the 650 will play mp3's as ringtones. Search for Ringo. I wouldnt load a whole mp3 to play on it anyway because of space concerns (cut it down with Audacity).
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    I use Pocket Tunes and Treo Guard, but a SD card is a must to use for ringtones as songs take up mega space. All my movies and songs are on the sd card anyway!
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    You can use Minitones to edit MP3s and export them to your Sounds app to be used as ringtones. But, for the Treo to see the MP3s you have to have an SD card. Like t2 said, it eats up a ton of memory and on the 650 the memory is low to begin with...

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