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    ok some of us are waiting (some more patiently than others) for the rom upgrade for our 700p's. i have just re-read virtually everythread on this and every other board i know of about the 700p's issues.

    now first ianap/d (i am not a programmer/developer) but a fairly advanced user. My first palm was a handspring deluxe and i haven't looked back since.

    we know that the 700p and 700w use the same hardware
    we know that the 700w can use bluetooth *and* wifi (via the palm wifi card)
    we know that the 700p has major bluetooth issues *and* dbcache issues.

    is it possible that the dbcache issues (which mean really os issues) are causing a conflict with the bluetooth drivers?

    is it possible that palm/access have fixed the os and that the 755p isthe upgraded version? and us 700p users will get an upgrade that gives us almost the 755p? OR will we get virtually nothing and those purchasing 755p's will have the upgraded os?

    some developer/programmer who knows more will have to figure out if my guesses are just out of my b***hole or not
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    I am not sure if the Bluetooth and dbcache issues are directly related, but I do know that using the dbcache makes it very difficult to work with a large database (I have to add some crazy dbcache checking code into Universe to keep the device stable so that you don't have too large of a web page cache). It is a pain and this creates major instabilities. Especially if an application that is very useful and creates very large databases becomes abandoned.

    I have a feeling that Palm getting "special privileges" to the PalmOS (I refuse to call it GarnetOS) will yield some cool results on newer devices, but I have a feeling we wont see any updates for older devices (I would have died and gone to heaven if Palm did release a complete OS upgrade for older devices, but I doubt it).

    I see many things attributing to instabilities on PalmOS NVFS devices. Mostly it is the new dbcache architecture that requires developers to change how their apps use databases at times and also some of the internal APIs changing a bit.

    Edit: I think that the majority of the Bluetooth issues come from that fact that Palm supposedly used a new Bluetooth stack (I can't remember the source that said this, but if anybody is interested I can research it). This would explain the differences between the 650 and 700p.

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