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    Does anyone know if a piece of software has been developed to interface Microsoft Money with a Visor? If not is there anyone out there interested in creating something because the expense tracker that comes with the OS is useless.
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    Amen to that! I'd love to see some kind of connection to the HS family. Anyone?
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    UltraSoft Money for the Palm OS syncs seamlessly with MS Money. I use it and love it. You can make updates in it and it automatically transfer to Ms Money. Any changes in MS Money can be transferred to it as well. It is quite pricey..but wqorth every cent. See the glowing reviews at DO a search for UltraSoft Money.
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    I second the vote for Ultrasoft Money. ($35) BTW, a 30 day demo is available.
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    I don't use Windows, and therefor don't use MS Money, but after trying all of the "checkbook" apps, I registered UltraSoft Money.
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    I couldn't live without my sync to Money. UltraSoft, although they run their security like Nazis, have developed a top-notch personal finance program... which then, in turn should only be guarded with as much protection.
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    I, too, am a very satisfied US Money user. All my problems have been with Microsoft Money (which I bought expressly because I could conect it to my VDX with US Money.) Even better, my wife and I can both access the same Money data from our respective Palms with the Family Edition. No, I don't work for Ultrasoft, but the guy lives next to my brother on Bermuda (small world...)

    The one the US Money doesn't have yet is budget integration. I hated MS Money's budget features though (never worked as advertised and no help from support.) Al I did was create cash accounts for my major budget categories and now I can see what I've spent and what I have left for the month at a glance. Downside is the limit to 15 accounts, but I just use the categories we use daily. Also, I have to do double entry, obviously, for charges to come from both my checking account and my grocery account (for example.) Given the hassle I had with MS Money, it's worth the trouble on US Money. Give it a try!
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    You can use QuikBudget for your budgeting needs. It has some integration with UltraSoft Money -- an added bonus.
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    Thanks for the tip! The author mentioned it as an option as well (he was very nice and responsive with his e-mails, and thankfully I haven't had to contact him for supprt in quite a while.) Unfortunately, I use the cash accounts as much for Microsoft Money as for US Money - the built in budget in MS Money ignored many bills I had set up, but also wouldn't let me get rid of or edit the one bill it chose to display that it had as a transfer when it really wasn't, etc. With all the grief I get from Bill G and the boys in Redmond, I am very close to trashing my PC and buying a Titanium G4 or maybe a dual-processor G4 Tower with OS X and Adobe Design Suite (if only my US Money data didn't show me so in the red to begin with! I can dream...)
    "So God created evil so that we'd all be really impressed when he fixed it? Sounds like Microsoft."
    - ****-richardson

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