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    I swap my battery twice daily. When the phone resets, it goes to the set date/time screen for a moment, then the phone app starts. 80% of the time (or so), the phone locks up in the 'verizon' screen. I must then reset again, and once reset, manually start the phone app (as it doesn't automatically do so under these conditions).
    I can avoid this problem if I close the phone app first (before removing batter), but that takes time (almost as much as the extra reset - and 20% of the time it works fine). Anyone else observe this behavior? Why does the phone app start fine some of the time?
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    Yes, I've seen the same behavior on two different Verizon 700P's -- phone would lock-up at the Verizon screen coming out of a soft reset. Sometimes the problem eventually went away, a couple of times I had to hard reset to fix it.

    Another of the lovely 700P bugs.
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    Mine didn't start doing that until I added chattermail and instant messaging.
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    I have the same exact problem on Sprint. The behavior is identical to what the OP stated. The problem began after I installed Palm's DST app.
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    Have any of you installed a new splash screen or customized dialpad screen?
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    No, I haven't installed a new splash screen or customized dialpad screen.

    Why? Do you think that's the problem or the solution?
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    No...definitely not a solution. I just wondered because my ex-husband's 700p was rock solid until I installed a custom splash screen for him. It started performing the way you guys are describing until I deleted it...
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    I have a Verizon 700P.
    I have not been able to duplicate the problem on mine.
    I installed the DST update a while back as well.

    Unless you are a non-stop talker, the fact that you change batteries twice a day may indicate that something is running in a constant loop.
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    I did have a custom splash screen which I deleted sometime ago. I too burn through batteries sometimes and other times it lasts all day as it should. I wonder if I have some sort of custom splash screen left over somehow. does anyone happen to remember what files to look for? yes, i'll look for myself when I can find the time...
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    There shouldn't be any remnant files leftover from a splash screen unless you used a program with it, like Skinner.
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    i get this problem probably once every 4-5 resets... i do not have splash screen (never did) or a "customized" dialpad... if it gets stuck i just use the stylus to poke the reset hole and it resets properly....
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    While many who know me think I talk nonstop ;-), I usually have 50% battery capacity when I swap. I just do this as a routine, to be safe. I get alot of wireless sync push activity to my phone (several hundred per day) and EVDO does use juice. I can't be stuck without connectivity.

    I have no splash screens. I have alot of software, but generally all stuff that is widely used and discussed here. Of interest, I do use resco locker. It seems to me that if the locking process occurs before the phone app starts, there is no problem, but if it happens after the phone app starts, then it get stuck. Strange, because I had the same problem before I installed resco locker. I get the problem 80% of the time. I cannot explain the inconsistent behavior. I did not install the DST update, and I had no problems with my calendar when dst started.

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