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    That does look cool...
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    Thanks for posting!
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    You navigate out of the page, you can never get back to it... April...
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    I wonder if this is a resurrected version of their big product that never came to be call "life@hand"

    I wonder if they'll follow through this time
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    I don't have this problem.
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    They can't be serious.
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    Did y'all notice this sentence (emphasis is mine):

    "At the heart of SaguaroŽ is a true multitasking kernel that allows multiple (Saguaro-compatible) applications to run simultaneously."
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    I did not know what Saguaro was, then I found this pic somewhere...

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    So it'll only work with cacti apps?
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    Wasn't there someone a long time ago who was trying to develop something like this and nothing ever came of it in that case either?

    Sorry I don't have more details, but I am positive something like this was attempted before.
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    Multi-tasking PalmOS? Could it really be true.....?
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    There is a beta testing programme underway. I am under the NDA, but i will say that they are testing very interesting precursor components at the moment. A Yahoo search for +saguaro +beta gives this link among others

    It looks very promising, but a major limitation may be that it doesn't sound like Palm OS software will be directly executable.

    And a previous TC thread
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    Life@Hand was supposed to be a PIM suite I'm pretty sure..this was different...
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    Quote Originally Posted by jhoff80 View Post
    Wasn't there someone a long time ago who was trying to develop something like this and nothing ever came of it in that case either?

    Sorry I don't have more details, but I am positive something like this was attempted before.
    You may be thinking of iSpin.
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    Well, I hope this thing comes out, could be a really cool addition to my Treo.
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    I just received an email today with the following content:

    Enter the revolution of SaguaroŽ, the most modern desktop-centric design that revolves around the same world-class ease of use that you enjoy from your Palm every time you turn it on. Already three years in the making, it’s the new application platform that combines everything you know about your personal computer and love about your Palm into the most stunning mobile operating system, ever.

    More Info >>[]


    Say goodbye to dreaded 64kb limitations. Now you can store high-quality graphics, sound, and other resource files all within your application’s executable. And, you can read resource contents just like you read a file on any modern operating system. Multiplatform resource management has never been easier.

    Introducing Resource˛, a component developed for Saguaro. Now available for use (via license) in your own applications. Supports Palm OS + Tapwave + Windows Mobile + Windows Mobile Smartphone.

    More Info >>[]


    Special thanks to everyone who is currently participating in the Saguaro beta testing program. Although we are unable to respond to each report individually, we appreciate the continued dedication of our beta testers to ensure that Saguaro and its components are developed with the highest attainable quality.
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    Quote Originally Posted by johncc View Post
    You may be thinking of iSpin.
    I'm not entirely sure thats what I was thinking of or not. What I remember is someone on a Clie forum was developing something that would supposedly do this, and then after a while of posting about it, it disappeared I believe. This was at least 2 or 3 years ago though.
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    Holy freaking god this looks awesome. Even if it doesn't do all palm apps it'll still be cool. Can't wait!!!
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    Sagauro does not run Palm apps, it IS a Palm app. What it does is 'widgets' or 'desktop gadgets' like similar items that SuperKaramba, GDesklets, Mac OS X, Vista, etc.

    As far as I understand it, while it does do some multitasking within itself, it's basically not much more than cute information.
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