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    Hello Everyone,

    We are excited to announce VoicePlayIt 1.0 beta for pTunes.

    This is a simple voice command and control utility that allows you to control pTunes with just your voice, no buttons, no taps, just hands free operation with you voice.

    You can be walking around the lake with your Treo in your pocket and just say "Play", "Stop", "Pause", "Next Track", "Prev Track", "Repeat", "No Repeat", "Shuffle", "No Shuffle", "Song Info", and "Manage Playlist".

    This beta does not have any skins available, but is totally functional for 10 days after first run.

    It's only 96k for the application, and 41k for the VoiceLib(tm) Technology.

    Please get your copy today at:

    Please read all instructions and use the Help.

    Thanks for your time!
    The VoiceIt Team!
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