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    I know I probably should just go read the mice type in the agreement I signed back in 2002, but does anyone know if we can cancel our service agreements with Sprint/Verizon due to the equipment that they sold not functioning as advertised? I mean, we have been waiting on Palm to fix this crappy thing, but at the end of the day, I didn't buy my phone from Palm - I bought it from Sprint and I bought it based on Sprint's Retentions department's recommendations. AND, as a result of buying this phone, I re-up'd my contract for two years, even though I was out of contract when I bought the phone.

    SO, my thought is that my beef is really with Sprint for providing me with a defective device, one that has been validated to be defective by not only the manufacturer but the user community at large, and, as a result, I should be released from my contract and should get my money back (or at least a full credit) from Sprint.

    Does this make any sense, or is it just my cold medicine being extremely effective at altering my senses?
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    Sprint will replace defective phones. If 3 replacements don't fix the problem, they will give you full price credit towards a different phone of your choice.
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