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    Hi Folks. I have recently got a Treo 650, with camera, GSM (Cingular) that used to belong to a friend. It was missing the antenna and I got one at Ebay from a reputable seller, which is blueish in color and also put a new case as well. The palm features work flawesly, but on the phone part:

    1- It takes a long, long time to enter into the network.
    2- Once is on the network, while being at the same spot (not moving) the signal goes from full strength to no signal.
    3. I installed the signal strength application and am getting the following:
    Rssi: 10, Threshold 6 (On either 500, 1000 or 1500 interval)

    Can someone provide me help to diagnose what could be bad on the phone? Could the problem be related with a loose contact on the new battery or problems with the SIM readout (have seen some phones that have go bad on reading SIMS listed elsewhere)


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    It could be the SIM not making the proper connections...I doubt it's the battery if the Palm features are all working.

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