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    is this possible? I have been forwarding my yahoo to my exchange server but want to stop this.

    What are my options other than POP3?
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    I believe you can only do that if you're using yahoo's pay email service.
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    I am using yahoo's pay service but don't think they have imap?
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    in some cases it works still "beta", with this configuration:
    income server:

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    Does GMail have anything like that?
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    Bummer. Tried with my nonpaid Yahoo account off Pocket Outlook and it didn't work, after changing smtp spelling. I'm not sure it is worth $20 to get Yahoo mail this way. I use the web method if I'm desperate. I might actually use Yahoo if they gave me IMAP.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ILBandit View Post
    Does GMail have anything like that?

    no, you need to set your gmail to forward mail to an imap server or deal with its crappy pop3 implementation

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