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    I'm having a problem with my phone.

    About 2 weeks ago my phoine battery started acting weird, going from ~70-20% or vice-versa randomly through out the day. I couldn't even get it to charge to 100%. So I did some research and found that it's probably my battery, so I ordered a new one. I am still having similar issues.

    Also, when I plug it in it will make the "plugged in/out" beep noise over and over again, not sure what that's about.

    And today, I had it plugged in, the green light was on and it was at 30% when I checked using the touch screen. This was after a hard reset and I did not sync it, so what could the deal be?
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    I've had the same issue (the light going on/off) with a unit bought from eBay. I have done everything in my power to solve this and I've determined it's my power/data connection port. In fact, my problem is worse. My battery won't charge using an AC adapter, I have to "trickle charge" it with my USB sync cable. It takes me 26 from about empty to a full charge using the cable. Since it is a "new" unit, I am currently working the eBay system to get my money back on it.

    Check out my thread:

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