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    Hi All,

    I live in Europe, I have a Treo 650 which is unlocked, working, but totally unreliable because of the power circuit which probably has a crack/loose contact at mainboard level; not really traceable and the phone can drop out at any time...
    So I bought a parts Treo from ebay, it's a Verizon Treo. I was able to repair it with the old phone but I noticed it does not provide for a regular SIM-card to be inserted. Living in Europe I have no experience with the Verizon provider and their network, we don't have it overhere.
    So I already exchanged the SIM doughterboard from my old Treo so I can Insert my old SIM-card. Hardwarewise it should be a 'normal' treo now, but still have the Verizon firmware. Can anyone tell me how this 'verizon' works without SIM-cards? Am I even on the right track?

    Thanks for any info,

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    I think you're out of luck. Your Verizon 650 includes hardware (and software) for accessing CDMA phone networks. It doesn't include hardware for interacting with GSM phone networks, which are used in most of the world (including all of Europe).
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    On the software side, he could always flash the Treo with a GSM ROM, but on the hardware side, Verizon doesn't support GSM and doesn't use SIM cards.
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    I exchanged the hardware module with my old one, providing use for normal SIM-cards, I've looked at the boards and the rest looks very - very similar. So now i should get a normal GSM rom somewhere? I have the romtool installed and working already. The SD-card always quits the update process somehow.
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    Grit just use the romtool to flash the rom to the gsm rom. it will work fine. I have helped several people convert cdma motherboards to gsm. the daughterboard it the whole radio.
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    See? It CAN be done! Good luck!!
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    My Treo 650 is working again with the SIM module. Thanks all for the support. (final note on this is on: http://discussion.treocen....

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    I tries to exchange a non-working Cingular motherboard with a verizon motherboard.
    I have followed others on this board and tried flashing it with Shadowmites T650 ROM formula and the computer reads "invalid signature". It will not let me even open it to begin to change the phones firmware.
    Tried the bootloader drivers from and the computer reads "unsigned".
    I tried it with the original Verizon daughterboard loading the ROMtool then changing it over to the GSM daughterboard. Still nothing.

    I'm lost and would like some guidance.

    Any help would be appreciated.
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    you took a Treo 650 Verizon, swapped the motherboards with a GSM model and loaded an unlocked GSM rom and it works!!? thats impressive!
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    Quote Originally Posted by fishera View Post
    you took a Treo 650 Verizon, swapped the motherboards with a GSM model and loaded an unlocked GSM rom and it works!!? thats impressive!
    Well in theory it is supposed to. But I have not gotten it to work as yet.
    I am actually looking for help.
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    I just did this. Worked fine and im using it now.

    check my thread
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    Turns out I was missing ".net framework" program on my computer.

    Thanks to everyone for the help.

    Now onto applications..

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