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    I have a refurbished palm 650 (got it yesterday)! It was working fine until I intalled the Palm desktop to my laptop & connected my phone.

    I later pressed the reset button around the back of the phone as I was unable to synchronize with my laptop (I don't know if I synchronized correctly, but the mannual said if there is a problem)

    The touch screen is malfunctioning as:

    If I should use the stylus & press 2, I get 1 coming up on the screen. Similarly if I press 5, I get 4. I press 8, & I get 7. So in essence if I tap on an icon, I get the one to the right of it, but I can access the ones that are on the extreme left of the screen The key board is working fine though.

    2) I also can't use the stylus to scroll.

    Please I need your suggestion as what I can do to sorrect this. Thanks
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    Have you tried recalibrating the touchscreen in the Preferences panel?


    Use your stylus to tap the little bullseyes...
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    Just did & it's working again! Thanks a million!!!!!!!!!!
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    Glad that fixed it...

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