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    Or are they jerking me around? My request for a replacement 650 was approved Mar 23 due to a bad earphone jack and they told me I would receive it Mar 28. I took the day off so as not to miss UPS but no package came. I called Assurion and they told me the order was processed and they don't know why I did not get the phone and that their system did not show the 650 was backordered. They told me they are not UPS and do not have tracking numbers, and that they only get the tracking numbers after the package is delivered. WTF? Anyway they told me I would get it Fri Mar 30. Ha Ha guess what, nothing showed up Fri Mar 30. I call Mon April 1 and asked is this was an April fools joke and they assured me it was not. They said the reason for the holdup was because they did not have any 650 batteries and that I should get it Fri April 6, today. I called them this morning and they said it hasn't been shipped because the 650 was on backorder and that it will be shipped today and that I will get it next Tue April 10. Do I have any reason to believe them? What would you do in my situation? I have paid my $6 a month premium for more than a year and this is my first claim.

    What is the matter with these people? Is this anyway to run a business?
    I am writing this to vent and see if anyone else is having problems getting replacement 650's from Assurion. Thanks for listening.
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    Dropped mine in the pool about 3 months ago, it was replaced no questions asked...
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    I just got a 650 as a replacement to my 600 .. but I went to the local Sprint store to get it. Best thing to get - insurance that is - the 600 replaced my 300.

    My 300 got a "burned screen" .. they (Sprint) couldn't fix or replace .. so I got the 600. That was 3 years ago.

    A few months ago .. the 600 kept locking up .. then would just re-set. Took it to the Sprint store .. they looked at it .. pulled out a 650 .. (I was hoping for a 700, LOL)
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    Agreed, the corporate stores have a bit of latitude in cutting through the bureaucratic red tape when you have insurance.

    One tip: be nice and yet sympathetic and firm. You are paying them for their service as well as for the insurance - they need to deliver and keep your phone working. I guess a busted headset jack doesn't make it a "brick," but 2 weeks after approval and you are still with a broken phone is ridiculous.

    If you have a dead phone and the store doesn't find a way to help you, buy a brand new phone and return it once you have a working one. The whole point of the phone bill is to have a working phone... without a phone what's the point of their "service"?

    And you can bet Assurian has an agreement with Sprint that they're supposed to support the customers Sprint sends their way...
    Treo 755s in good condition available on ebay for $50-$75. No need to pay for insurance or buy a Pre.
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    What's the consensus on lack of T650s in the SF Bay Area?
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    By now you should have told them to get you a 700p....that's just too long to be without a phone that you're still paying for service on.
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    Actually they offered to replace it with a 700P but told me I have to change my plan, which means $50 /month more than the $40 that I am paying currently for 300 atm, unlim vision and pam, 7 pm nwe, unlim txt msg, free sprint 2 sprint.
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    Take it to a Sprint store - that will get you the fastest result.
    If they don't have a 650 to swap out at the time, they will at least give you a phone you can use to answer calls.

    Alternatively, if you have another phone you can forward your calls to while the phone is being repaired, you can have the $.20 a minute forwarding charge removed after your bill comes. Just call cust. svc., explain why the calls were forwarded, and they will apply a credit in the amount of $ spent for forwarding.

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    For a while, yes, they have been replacing 650 with 700ps.

    I think they are still swapping 600 for 600s though...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sammyc53 View Post
    I think they are still swapping 600 for 600s though...
    I'll find out about that this week. Busted my 600 screen and took it into the Sprint Store in Lakeland, FL. Before they informed me that they've farmed out their repair/replacement to a third party vendor, they passed the 600 around to almost all of the employees in the store. Apparently none of them had ever seen a 600 before (which I found very strange!)

    I left the Sprint Store to go down the road to the "Authorized Repair Center" and the guy behind the counter said "Wow! Two of these old guys in one day!" as he held up another 600 with a cracked screen. He checked my account, confirmed the insurance and told me that it would be replaced with "something." My fingers are crossed for an upgrade.

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