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    I'm not trying to go into a whole new battery saga - there are plenty of threads on that already.

    That said, I am all of the sudden getting a strange drain in the past 24 hours. I typically can 3-4 days without a charge if I want to. I usually charge after 2, but I can get double that. I realize that's pretty good for the 680.

    Then yesterday it just plummeted. 95% when I left the house. 35% around 9am. Dead at 1pm. Might have been earlier - that's just when I checked. Super dead, too. This has never happened in the past.

    Today, it's down 13% in 1.5 hours. Not as bad as yesterday, but way more than normal.

    The only thing that changed was adding DialByPhoto new version yesterday morning. It's not been a problem before and nobody seems to be commenting on similar issues.

    Ideas???? Thanks!
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    You've probably answered your own question. You might try removing the newly-installed application to see if the problem resolves....or at minimum inquire with the program's distributor to see if anyone else has complained. If, in fact, it's a new version that few people have installed, it stands to reason that you may be experiencing a problem that others haven't encountered yet.
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    Also, did you travel anywhere out of the ordinary yesterday? In areas with weak or non-existent signal, the Treo will burn more power than usual searching for and/or keeping contact with the nearest tower.
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    It could be simply the battery monitoring circuit. It goes crazy like that without warning.
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    Mine does the same thing, dont you just love the flaws!!

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